Bringing ‘My New Dog’ into your home requires a little preparation and planning. Your starter pack should include food and treats, bowls for food and water, a dog bed, a lead and collar, a blanket and a toy. However there are many more things you need to think about – that’s where our handy guide comes in!

My new dog

Our New Dog

Almost three years ago, my husband and I came back home as the proud parents of a cute, tiny all black Cockapoo. Surprisingly the cockapoo is not yet an officially recognised pedigree dog breed. However, they are so popular today that almost everyone knows exactly what you mean by a cockapoo. Our small dog was born from a French Golden (Dore) Poodle dad, and a white and brown Cocker Spaniel Mum.

We both had parents and grand-parents who loved and cared very much for their pet dogs and we were ecstatic  by the new arrival in our home.

We had talked a lot about which breed, from where, and when we would get our new pet companion. We were lucky to agree on all major points that too often cause potential pet owners conflict when adopting a pet. Choosing which pet can sometimes bring a lot more distress than joy!

Agreeing to have a dog is one thing, then further agreeing on the size, and breed can turn nightmarish.  My husband’s father cared for German Shepherds and Dalmatians, so he liked rather big dogs, but for my part at 3 feet nothing tall I knew I could only care for a fairly small dog, easy to handle. A dog for me has to be small enough so it  can rest on my knees, be carried around on a shopping trolley whenever necessary and light enough to be lifted into my arms in case of danger. At 3 years of age, our Cockapoo is still small enough to fit in a rucksack, sit on the deck of our small sailing boat or in a small If you too would like to know more about small dogs check out this link . There are approximately eight and a half million dogs kept as pets in the UK. There are many different breeds and types of dogs, all varying in size, body shape and personality. This site will show you the 30 best small dogs you should know about.



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